Gold Rate in Kerala Today: Get Precise Price Per Gram Updates

Gold jewellery in Kerala is purchased by thousands of people every year for various occasions. The Gold market in the state brings huge opportunities for gold investors and sellers. That is the reason why many people search for today’s gold rate Kerala to buy coins, bars, and ornaments in 22K and 24K Carat at best prices. While people have a strong affection for gold jewellery, there are many costumes associated with gold, how lord is worshipped and ornaments of gold are considered as precious. A reason why it is the largest gold selling and buying state in India.

People are fond of gold because they believe in tradition of buying gold on auspicious occasions that brings fortune in their lives.

If you compare Kerala to other states, people here buy and exchange old gold jewelries in higher percentage and precisely they prefer exchanging their old possession with new jewelry designs rather than buying new ones.


Reason for higher percentage of gold jewelry exchange is because Kerala people like to wear their jewelry in their day to day life compared to wearing it only on auspicious occasions or festivals, so they prefer going for new designs by exchanging their current gold jewelries.

Below provided table contains live gold price data that is updated by our experts as soon as current rates are updated from our sources.


Date22 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)24 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)
Today's PriceRs. 28780/-Rs. 30780.75/-

You can also use the search function to get price data of last 7 days, month and year also in Kerala. Prices are categorized under 22 and 24 carat pure gold categories and it is based on per gram calculation.

Generally when you are exchanging old gold jewelry with new one you will see difference of 10-16% in price for ornaments such as chains, earrings and necklace and for antic or delicate jewelry rates may vary from 25-35%. The reason why jewelers easily buy old gold is because they can purify it by using cleaning acid solutions which eliminates dirt and copper content in gold and with that they make new jewelry which they sell at higher rates.


Regardless of shop or bank from where you are buying gold coins or bars in Kerala, the purity of gold is measured by carat machine or manually. Purest form is 24K carat which can be 99.50% to 99.99% pure, but India 22 carat or 916 pure gold is a lot more popular because this is the standard purity level offered by majority of jewelry shops.

Particularly in Kerala you will see a reddish color tinge in gold ornaments, which is a result of adding copper in gold alloy, and it is done to make the ornament solid so that it won’t break or bend easily. In Kerala, majority of jewelry shops are offering cadmium soldering method to purify gold by completely vaporizing alloy metals such as copper or palladium present in gold.


There are several reputed jewelry brands and retail outlets in Kerala that provide excellent quality gold and jewelry designs. They also offer coins and bars for those who are buying for investment purposes. Some of these brands are: Bhima jewelers, Chemmanur Fashion Jewellers, A. Geeri Pai Jewellers, Atlas Jewellers, Alapatt Jewellers, Malabar Gold, Francis Alukkas Jewellery, Antos Alukkas Jewellery and Joy Alukkas Group.


Aforementioned gold rate in Kerala are provided for information purpose only, we do not claim guarantee of their accuracy, because price of gold are decided by international market and it applies to Kerala gold market as well, therefore price are frequently changed.

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