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MCX stands for Multi Commodity Exchange. It is an independent authorized body that focus on commodity exchange basically in India. Its overall business happens mainly in India.

The Multi Commodity Exchange is operated and regulated by the SEBI which is known as Securities and Exchange Board of India. However, before year 2015 Forward Markets Commission which is abbreviated as FMC use to regulate MCX. The Recent Board CEO and Managing Director of the MCX is Mr. Mrugank Paranjape.

In the past few years, MCX marketplace has changed entirely the way investors and traders do exchange in India. From beginner to experienced traders, MCX Gold trading is one of the prime focuses area when it comes to earn good rewards in both short and long term. However, knowing market trend and details about prices and drop flow is important to avoid loss.


MCX is well known amongst marketers and traders for offering various trading modes. MCX COMDEX is one of the India’s only composite commodity futures price index. It ensures future trading in bullion which is quite popular in India, & has become one of the prime trade hub in ferrous metals, energy, and a number of agricultural commodities. Other trading options are crude palm oil, cotton, menthe oil, cardamom etc. The MCX commodity exchange of India came into existence in 2003 when it was first launched in Mumbai.

The benchmark MCX is what attracts both small capital investors and large investors to analyze market however, several factors such as depreciation in rupee and others such as clearance and settlements, majorly affects demand for investments.


One of the largest commodity future exchange in India its turnover of exchange had recorded value of more than fifty trillion rupees in the year 2015. This demonstrate that clearance and settlements of exchange happens quite rapidly and traders quite commonly rely on MCX for future trading.

Future trading in bullions for nonmetals, energy and agricultural commodities are top traded areas where MCX stand on sixth highest global commodity bourses in terms of future contracted trade. The yearly data from FIA which stands for Future Industry Association shows that it has overcome various issues related to Equity shares. From the level of Rs.10 to Rs.850 its equity share was raised dramatically. This made it first ever IPO by Indian exchange doing really well in public listed exchange.


Date22 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)24 Carat (Per 10 Gms.)
Today's PriceRs. 28780/-Rs. 30780.75/-

From the period when it was under performing to a phase when it has started growing gradually, MCX gold trading is become business hub for many investors who wish to earn good returns in the long run. However, knowledge about the marketplace is important to analyze and understand performance of various commodities. After June 2016, it has approximately 80% of the market commodity exchange that makes MCX one of the India’s largest courses in quarter end of 2016. Not only year 2016 demonstrates it proficiency and consistence in terms of future trade but in fact 2015 was also marked with phenomenal gold future contracts.

Good number of future contracts in Copper, Crude oil, Gold and Silver offered by MCX in fact made it one of the best representatives in India. That is why it is ranked amongst top global futures contracts. One interesting fact about MCX that, it is now reaching more Indian Cities and is organizing trading terminals. So that new traders can have opportunity to gain knowledge about MCX online trading and can invest through various platforms. Out of all, MCX gold trading through private finance is prevailing amongst Indians.

With daily turnover of more than 150.80 Billion rupees, MCX is also planning strategic alliance with other leading exchange throughout the world so that an increment can be recorded with more profitable markets. This will surely make MCX one of the India’s best platform to do future trading on commodities.


Especially when dealing in Gold trading of MCX investors can expect price stability, guidance, flexible terms plans, facility to trade easily, safe and secure transactions and clear system. MCX is also aiming at providing risk management tools including advance financial tools to help investors trade faster and smarter.

So, those seeking modest capital and good profit in short span can consider fast execution of reduced transaction cost offered by MCX to ensure hassle free commodity trading. Though it is believed that only experienced traders must access such advance tools but a beginner can also take risk for investment to gain good trading benefits through intraday trading. MCX is also considering to open new ventures in marketplace for progression trading for all kind of investors.

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